Your expectation of a luxury product line is met with Stellar Skin Care. Our team of scientists, formulators, and skincare experts have spent years researching the finest and most exclusive plant-based organic extracts on the planet. We have taken these ingredients and constructed a, patent pending, proprietary blend that is truly revolutionary. Our goal is to change how the skincare market sees products and enhance beauty from within. Teaching cell how to reproduce and become stronger leaving your skin tighter, brighter, and looking years younger.  

Plant-Based & Organic

It was paramount that we use only eco-friendly and sustainable extracts in our product line. Our formulas use only plant-based and 100% organic extracts.

Healing at the Cellular Level

Unlike other products on the market that only address the symptoms, Stellar Skin Care addresses the root cause of most skin issues. Your cells. Healing from the inside out. Not just the outside in.

Backed by Science

Stellar Skin Care has a team of expert scientists and formulators that have spent years fine tuning and tweaking our formulas to produce the finest products available in the market today

Electrolyte Hydrating Serum

Delivers powerful hydration, through high concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid that attracts and binds up to 1800 times its molecular weight in water for ultimate skin plumping effects.

Rosehip Oil: Fruit Seed of the Wild Rose Plant

Naturally rich moisturizer of Omega Fatty Acid 3,6 & 9, leaving the skin plump. Naturally brings anti-aging properties & delivers a natural source of vitamin c, encourages regeneration, and boosts overall radiance and appearance.

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Just like the stars combine to create galaxies in our universe, the cells in our body combine to create functioning organs and healthy tissues. Overtime, due to disease, injury or aging, all of these cells will eventually need to be replaced through a process called cellular regeneration. When we are young, we have an adequate supply of cells to keep up with the continuous regenerative demand of our bodies and skin every single day. Unfortunately, as we age the absolute number of our body’s regenerative cells begins to decline which eventually manifests itself as the signs and symptoms of the aging process. This natural decline in our bodies' regenerative abilities can also inhibit our ability to heal after any surgical procedure. Today, Stellar is challenging the notion that we need to accept these signs and symptoms as “normal” and have created products to improve our ability to heal after surgery as well as address the aging process on a cellular level.

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This live plant bio-fermentation compound encourages cellular respiration, proliferation, and improves cellular metabolism to enhance collagen production and elastin synthesis. This process helps your mitochondria produce the energy your cells need to function properly.