How to Take Care of Your Skin After This Summer

How to Take Care of Your Skin After This Summer

When the summer holidays are over, your skin may be left feeling dry, flaky, burnt, and dehydrated. After that first tan, numerous sunbathes, wind, and chlorine exposure make your skin look stressed and tired. Your skin has become rougher and flakier and looks like it needs more moisture and hydrating cleanse. And you might also be experiencing small brown pigment spots that look like freckles but are really caused by UV radiation. My point is, in summer or not, your skin should be cleaned and protected from the sun and treated with care all year long! Otherwise, it will distance away from healthy, glowing Stellar skin.

Skin Peel

Peeling to Restore Your Glow

First, you will have to remove the dead skin cells from your skin. Chemical peeling is the answer! Peeling should only be done by a trained and licensed professional as the ingredients have to be closely monitored by a professional. I cannot even tell you how many patients burn their skin by doing at-home treatments that we have to fix. Let’s get your Stellar skin glowing, provide more radiance and freshness, visit a professional like SkincareRx & Beauty  where all kinds of skincare treatments like deep skin cleansing and pore cleansing are smoothly done using top-selling cleansers and give you perfect results. Chemical peel stimulates new cells, new collagen and turns over pigmentation & brings in blood flow and therefore regenerates your skin. Followed by chemical peeling, your skin becomes more receptive and penetrable. This is where you have to use more moisturizer and hydrate your skin. Let’s look at that part next.

Moisture Treatment

Moisture Treatment

Most of us don’t realize this but during summer, the warmth and the intensive sun make our skin lose its moisture. So, how can we fix this loss? Greasy moisturizers do not work as you expect in this matter. You may think they do because it feels like so. But they don’t work in deeper layers and your next shower will wash it away. Therefore, you will have to go for something solid. Here’s the best quality hydration serum for you; Stellar Bio Cleanse! It can be used daily on your compromised skin. It’s a hydration serum for dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin and combination skin. So, anyone can use it. And it’s in gel form to incorporate a balance of bio-nutrients, antioxidants and essential moisturizers to deeply and thoroughly cleanse your skin and pores without stripping essential natural oils. Use this before you moisturize to penetrate your skin and make it absorb the best of your moisturizer. Rather than classic moisturizing creams, hydration serums are ideally effective in this case. And especially serums like Stellar Electrolyte Serum where Hyaluronic Acid is present along with Saccharomyces and Rosehip Oil can keep your skin moisturized for hours and work miracles!

Reduce Hyperpigmentation

If you follow our tips up to now, you will already see a difference. And now you have to address the pigmentation. For this, you will have to use high-quality skincare products with brightening ingredients. Well-known ingredients such as Vitamin C, arbutin, salicylic acid, etc. work fine. Herbal treatments as in olive leaf extracts are also acceptable. Stellar Electrolyte Serum is one of the best plant-based hydrating serums in the market. It adds moisture to your skin and works on deeper layers. It is also vital that you avoid sunlight and follow these methods and products for at least 3 months for perfect results. That way, you can entirely dismantle the excess melanin and resolve hyperpigmentation.

The Routine

Do not skip your sunscreen just because the summer is over. Wherever you go, make sure you apply sunscreen and use antioxidants constantly. Also, remember that exfoliation is the key. Remove your dead skin cells and make way for your new, refreshing skin. It will make your skin appear flawless, spotless, radiant, and glowing Stellar skin again! So, don’t skip it, any of it!


It’s still summer, the height of being alive. So, have all the fun but don’t forget to protect your skin. Cheers to tan skin, sandy toes, flip flops, and beach hair! Enjoy the summer goodness, all of it! And make it count!